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Drug Discovery

With a team of experienced experts, advanced research equipment, and proprietary methods, KS-V Peptides provides a one-stop service for your early peptide drug discovery and accelerates your peptide drug development process.

For CRO and  peptide drug discovery services, we are open to flexible business arrangements for our contract research and drug discovery services, which can include: Peptide Library Construction; PDC Drugs and Structure Confirmation

KS-V Peptides committed to providing reliable contract research services to our client's drug discovery processes. We can also provide you with quality peptide APIs based on the above services. Comprehensive drug development services are designed to reduce your cost and time and help you discover a list of peptide drugs in high-quality.

What is Peptide Drug?

Peptide drug refers to a peptide having a specific therapeutic effect extracted by chemical synthesis genetic recombination or animal or plant and is a specific application of the peptide in the field of medicine. The biological activity of the peptide drug discovery is extensive and important, and it can be widely applied to the endocrine system, the immune system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, the blood system, the musculoskeletal system, etc.

As drugs, peptides have many advantages, such as wide indications, high safety, and significant efficacy. With the continuous development of biotechnology, more and more peptide medications have been developed and applied in clinical practice. We do provide peptide drugs list too, if you are interested in it.


  • Targets ldentification
    01 Targets ldentification

    Target identification aims to find a peptide or peptide fragment or protein that plays a significant role in disease.

  • High Throughput Screening
    02 High Throughput Screening
  • Lead Optimization
    03 Lead Optimization

    By synthesizing and optimizing discovered lead compounds to improve efficacy and reduce side effects, and design drug candidates according to optimal lead compound.

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
    04 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    An active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is a biologically active ingredient that has an effect in a candidate drug.