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Hefei KS-V Peptide Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Hefei KS-V Peptide Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Hefei KS-V Peptide Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
KS-V Peptide Profile

KS-V Peptide Profile

Hefei KS-V peptide biological technology Co.,Ltd. 

Focus on high-quality peptide products and services, and devote to promoting the research and development of innovative peptide drugs

  • Hefei KS-V peptide biological technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on peptide drug discovery and innovative technology services. The founding team is from Tsinghua University and University of Science and Technology of China, and the management team has rich experience in innovative drug R&D and technical services. With peptide as the core, the company has built a core peptide seed bank, including DNA coding and combinatorial chemical peptide library, phage display bicyclic peptide library, etc. , in vitro functional screening (especially membrane protein targets), structure analysis, pharmacological efficacy, pharmacokinetics and other core technology platforms, can provide comprehensive services for pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and scientific research units. Based on the unique core technology of peptide drug discovery of KS-V Peptide, more than 20 projects have been successfully applied for clinical application, and the fastest has entered clinical phase 2.

  • Adhering to the mission of innovation to help drug research and development,cooperation to promote healthy life, KS-V peptide adheres to the values of innovation, focus, service, and win-win, and looks forward to innovative cooperation with global customers!

  • KS-V Peptide is also a professional drug discovery contract research organization (CRO) that integrates the scientific research, production, and sales of different types of peptides and custom peptide synthesis services in China. We currently have two R&D centers respectively in Hefei and Suzhou, with a comprehensive range of advanced equipment for drug R&D.

  • KS-V Peptide provides one-stop services for drug R&D. Leveraging the technical advantages in the field of Structure-Based Drug Discovery (SBDD) and Chemistry(Medicinal Chemistry and Peptide Synthesis), KS-V Peptide provides leading CRO drug discovery services and CMC services to global biopharmaceutical clients. Apart from this, KS-V Peptide also provides high-end biological reagents and raw materials and difficult peptide, such as Post-translational Histones and Nucleosome Assembly, Ubiquitins and Ubiquitin Probes, Toxins and Analogues, modification and optimization of pharmaceutical peptide and development of peptide technology for pharma, biotechs, and universities around the world.

We are committed to breaking the key technical barriers in peptide drug R & D, building an internationally competitive one-stop preclinical R&D service platform around peptide drugs by focusing on preclinical pharmacokinetics, pharmacological efficacy, and safety evaluation research.


    Innovation To Help Drug Research And Development, Cooperation To Promote Healthy Life


    Global Leader In Peptide Drug Discovery And Technology Innovation Services


    Innovation, Focus, Service, and Win-win