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  • Custom Peptide Custom Peptide
    Custom Peptide
    KS-V Peptide is a peptide manufacturing company that focuses on one-stop preclinical service, which specializes in providing customers with customized pre-clinical service solutions.
  • Antigenic Peptide Antigenic Peptide
    Antigenic Peptide
    Antigenic peptideCategory: PeptidesIn order to obtain the best effect of producing antibodies, it is necessary to carefully design the antigen polypeptide, and the design should meet a basic condition...
  • Peptide Probe Peptide Probe
    Category: PeptidesKeshengjing Peptide can provide customized synthesis of APIs, up to the kilogram level, including process development and scale-up.
  • Ubiquitins Ubiquitins
    Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin ProbesCategory: PeptidesUbiquitin, ubiquitin chains and their derivatives are indispensable molecular tools for studying the structure and function of protein ubiquitination. I...
  • Peptide Toxin Peptide Toxin
    Peptide Toxin
    Category: PeptidesMost of the polypeptide toxins come from the venom glands of poisonous animals, such as spiders, snakes, scorpions, etc. There are a wide variety of toxin polypeptides, which are hig...
  • Cosmetic Peptide Cosmetic Peptide
    Cosmetic Peptide
    As an active peptide company, we are proud to announce that small molecule cosmetic peptides are non-toxic, highly active, and easy to absorb according to present research. The cosmetic peptides for sale also have special physiological activities. They can essentially improve a series of skin problems. They are very effective in cosmetics.

Hefei KS-V Peptide is a pre-clinical new drug research and development CRO company based on structure and chemistry and it has grown into one of the leading and full-fledged top peptide manufacturers and peptide synthesis suppliers in China. With peptides as the core, the China peptide company provides innovative peptide and protein products and services for global pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and scientific research institutes.

Besides, as one of the most professional custom peptide synthesis companies in China, KS-V Peptide has specialized in providing customized synthesis services for difficult peptides, including Toxins and Analogues, Ubiquitins and Ubiquitin Probes, Post-translational Histones and other peptide manufacturing, APIs and process optimization of the pharmaceutical peptide. We also are one of the most reliable and reputable peptide companies.

When it comes to innovative peptide drug development, pharmaceutical scientists must go beyond traditional peptide technology. “Multifunctional peptides” with multiple pharmacological activities are...